Lyrical Strangers are an electronic music duo, who consist of multi-instrumentalist & music producer Phil Chamberlin from Manchester, England and vocalist Mark Anthony from London, England.

The idea for Lyrical Strangers came about in early 2019, when Phil was looking for a vocalist to create some tracks with, around the ‘electronic’ music genre.

After meeting Mark in February 2019, they immediately commenced a series of recording sessions, which took place between Phil’s studio in Cardiff, Wales and Mark’s studio in Hertfordshire, England, with Phil primarily being responsible for creating the music and Mark writing and recording the lyrics.

The recording sessions resulted in a large number of tracks being written & recorded, which were heavily influenced by their shared interests in electronic, hip-hop and world music.

On Wednesday, 12th February 2020; the duo released their debut single “A Brand New Day”, and announced that their debut album “A Brand New Day”, would be released on Monday, 30th March 2020.

On Friday, 20th March 2020; the duo released their 2nd single Do you know who you are?”

On Friday, 5th June 2020; the duo released their 3rd single Typical”

On Friday, 17th July 2020: the duo release their 4th single “The Journey”.

The album “A Brand New Day” is OUT NOW on all main digital outlets, including Spotify & Apple Music.

Download the album NOW by clicking here.